Our story

Joris Snoek, co-founder

In 2004 we started as Lucius Websystems, a web development company that built complex web systems.

To manage these complex projects, we looked for a work management platform, that had to meet our needs:

  • Minimize work-stress and overhead.
  • Usable for small -and medium sized businesses.
  • Affordable.

This turned out not to exist, so we built it ourselves. After the initial platform we created features for optimizing team performance.

Customers liked our platform: they wanted to use it internally. So we decided to build a public cloud version, that launched in 2009. From that moment on we focused solely on the cloud product that was born: OpenLucius

Simple, clear and usable

Simple and clear features: OpenLucius must enrich people's lives, not make it more expensive or cumbersome. That's why we'll only build features that are easy to understand and we optimise constantly on usability - fed by customer feedback.

Fed by customer feedback

OpenLucius is fed by customer feedback - we update it monthly. Version 3.0 was released in 2014, we also released that one open source.

Being a Mensch

Being a Mensch is how we roll. We treat customers how we ourselfs want to be treated. We want to enjoy our work, be fit and have a good night's rest.

Our mantra: work dedicated, have fun, don’t be evil, be a mensch, make history. Our characteristics: an ’owners mentality’, no helpers / dolls, freedom and trust, transparency, humans are naturally good, we are at the front line / we are no followers, we only hire people that will make our company better.