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Communicate in context

Company-wide groups, teams or projects.

build connections

Group chats

Communicate centrally, easily find information, easily let new people participate. There are chats for all groups of people:

  • Company-wide chats
  • Chats per team / department
  • Chats per project
bould connections


With attachments, reactions, notifications and likes: central communication and connection, always in context. Use messages for things like:

  • Company news
  • Project updates
  • Team notices
build connections

Social posts

Let everyone share casual content: status updates, photos, videos and links. Direct interaction with the like button and posting comments.

instant updates


Let people easily share instant stories to provide updates, photo's or random stuff. Stories will stay visible for one day, so it's aimed at the more trivial content to keep in touch with each other and build culture.

have an overview

Activity streams

Keep an overview and easily stay up-to-date: activity streams for each group, centrally and per user.


Non-disturbing notifications

Stay informed, without being constantly disturbed, the choice is personal:

  • Receive only the most important notifications
  • 'Do not disturb': temporarily receive no notifications
  • Only receive notifications during working hours

Comments everywhere

All content can be discussed via comments with formatting and attachments, some examples:

  • Responses to news items
  • Comments on social posts
  • Responses to ideas

Likes everywhere

All content can be liked, some examples:

  • Like a social post
  • Like the icebreakers of a new colleague
  • Like photos from a team outing

Why Lucius

Open Source

Lucius is 100% open source software.


Start in the cloud, export to a private server if needed.

Custom Branding

Implement your own corporate identity.


Extra needed modules, integrations, functions or permissions possible.


Custom functions, integrations, permissions and designs are possible.

Private hosting

On-premise or private cloud hosting is possible.

Custom authorization

Integrate your in-house authorization server.

Works on all devices

Tested on all major devices and browsers.

All your teamwork easily under one roof

Lucius easily brings together conversations, documentation, projects & tasks. Everything in one place, instantly searchable, available everywhere.

Add members and share content: always communicate in the right context.
Collaborate on projects, optional with clients. Have everything streamlined in one place.
Company HQ
A central space for all members to communicate, collaborate and build culture.
User Profiles
Get to know each other easily. User profiles contain all essential info to collaborate.
Activity streams
Declutter your day, catching up is a breeze with overviews activity streams
Comments & likes
Have a constant feedback loop: members can discuss all content in comments.

Streamline communication

Group Chats
Eliminate email overload and fragmentation of information in email boxes and hard drives
Messages / posts
Share long form content, handle discussions, publish blogs or post project messages.
Everyone in your organization easily involved and connected by sharing stories.

Build culture

Culture questions
Build culture with automatic 'pulse surveys', let everybody participate the easy way.
Social posts
Share posts / status updates / short messages with images or videos for the more casual stuff.
The perfect way to automatically introduce new team members
Have team members meaningfully give positive recognition to each other.
Get your teams in sync with weekly or daily automatic status updates. A digital stand-up.
People can like all content, easily show appreciation and build culture.

Collaboratation & Documentation

Task Board
Collaborate centrally, consistently: assign tasks, manage status, assign due dates and much more.
File management
No more file fragmentation in emails and hard-disks, but a central place in context.
Write, discuss -and collaborate on documentation, (project) notes, ideas, and more.
(coming soon) Central scheduling, collaborate on preparation of an event or meeting.
Stay in the relevant loops, but don't get disturbed: manage (email) notifications easily.
(coming soon) Let everybody participate, get the most out of your organisation.

Search and find éverything instantly

Instantly find everything in one place: communication, documentation, files, projects, posts and all other content.

Powerful search engine
One search query searches everything: communications, documentation, files, projects, posts and all other content.
Integrate external systems
Optional integration of external systems possible, find everything organization-wide with one search to rule them all.
Optimization as desired
Optionally, the search engine can be adjusted as desired, for even more effective searches; organization-wide.

Start with the easy way to communicate better