Everything you want to know about OpenLucius

Our promise: all the things in your daily work life that you want to share with your team, you can place in OpenLucius. We provide the structure that helps you to work better together. Fewer distractions, less confusion - more focus and clarity.

Tasks, documents and conversations in one place

OpenLucius collects and organizes easily all team communication. No fragmentation of communication, agreements and documents in emails, sheets and other documents.

Also easy to collaborate with customers

Receive feedback of your customers and keep it segregated from interal communication.

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See progress of work at a glance

Or dive directly into details

There are no pieces of projects that you can miss. Collaborate in simple task lists or card boards, choose the view that best suits your style of work - and analyse instant reports to stay on top of progress.

OpenLucius is in private beta at the moment // invitation only

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Open online office

Make work engaging and enjoyable

Transparency in your organization will help making work more enjoyable and engaging.

Task management

Structured and social

With tasks in OpenLucius is it easy to keep everybody on the same page. Assign tasks, add files and have conversations in comments. Simple overviews of work that is done, so nobody will be slowed down by status emails.

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Direct within the right context

No more fragmentation of files and documentation in email or on hard drives, but directly available where you need them - in the correct version.

Collaborate on planning

Central calendars

Plan projects and tasks within the right context - per team, project, personal or global.

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Insights in effective versus overhead

  • Track the time you are working on a Todo.
  • Clock realtime or register time afterwards.
  • Instant insights in to budget spending.

OpenLucius is in private beta at the moment // invitation only

I will recommend your club warmly.
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Victor de Keijzer Purmerend Municipality
A very successful system for more than 4,000 employees, with no stress! A very good and nice cooperation.
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Ciska van Grootveld C&A Nederland
Everyone is very happy, many thanks for your quick support.
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Linda Mak iBanx HSE

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